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Heavy periods and a pending hysterectomy

Aged 45 and peri-menopausal, my menstrual cycles changed and my periods became uncontrollable; with very heavy periods lasting on average 17-21 days of my regular 28 day cycle. After an ultra sound that found a very small fibroid, I was advised to take the mini pill. The mini pill did slow the bleeding, but now I bled every day, in unpredictable amounts. I suffered badly from bloating and water retention, head aches, insomnia, painful breasts and nausea. After a year of bleeding every day (Doctors kept advising that it would take some time for my cycles to return to normal) I was in total meltdown; I had had to give up my job and barely left the house for fear of heavy bleeding and not being able to get to a toilet in time. I had no energy and suffered every side affect under the sun, plus ongoing nightmares and panic attacks about the hospital visits.

I was prescribed anti-inflammatory drugs and Tranexamic acid for the bleeding, but NOTHING was working. I had gone from an outdoor, natural girl who didn’t believe in ‘popping pills’ to a total wreck, being prescribed so many medications, it made my head spin.

I was trying to avoid the medications as they all seemed to make me worse, but failing to find an alternative solution. I had tried loads of herbal treatments, ayurvedic diets and supplements, and homeopathy. Some things I tried gave small relief but it never lasted.

I couldn’t handle the ‘mini pill’ any longer and had to stop taking it. My cycles then returned to the heavy bleeding, abdominal pain and huge blood clots, of before. The Gynaecologist recommended a hysterectomy.

This led to the blackest time of my life, with fear, stress and depression ruling my every day, but as I was now passing out and vomiting with pain when having a period, I knew I had come to the end of the line.

Nicole is a holistic healer; treating the whole body and the person. She is experienced in unravelling complex patterns of musco-skeletal dysfunction, balancing the body using bio-identical hormones and tackling metabolic and autoimmune conditions through diet and supplementation.

Quick intervention was required to ‘save my womb’ I began a course of Bio-identical hormones, with topical oestrogen cream and progesterone in pill form (the bio-identical progesterone, in pill form, works best and quickest for heavy bleeding). I started the treatment 1 December 2016 and within one month I knew I would be able to cancel the hysterectomy! Again the result was so fast I was staggered. Five months on and I have not looked back. It took me three and a half years in total to find the right practitioners and the correct treatments and I am happy that I am not exposing my body to the risks associated with synthetic hormones.

Mrs C.

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