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Nicole Livingstone-Smith, 25 years experience working with Natural Hormone Balancing

I have been working with natural hormone balancing and bio-identical hormones (sometimes called body identical hormones) for the past 25 years, ever since my own journey took me down that route as I realised that the medics where only treating my symptoms (and not well at that) and were totally disinterested in me as a person. I was just a collection of symptoms. No one was interested in why my hormones had gone awry and the solutions they offered made me feel worse, angry, disorientated and depressed. I needed to find my own solution.

25 years ago bio-identical hormones were almost unheard of and I am so pleased that women now have easy access to information and help so that they can understand their bodies better and so support themselves as needed. It was the work of pioneer, the late Dr John Lee, that opened this door and my discovery of his work all those years ago began my journey and subsequent recovery. Since then I am pleased to have been able to help hundreds of women feel themselves again without resort to drugs and surgery.

My approach is to help you understand what your body is trying to tell you

My approach is to help you understand what your body is trying to tell you and then help you return it to balance. I cover hormones, thyroid, adrenals and stress, diet, weight and nutrition, gut issues, migraines, and autoimmune conditions.

To work with me, you will need to book a Hormone Health review, this is a one hour face to face appointment where we will go through the questionnaires I will have sent you previously and discuss the issues they raise. This will allow me to explain to you what appears to be going on and areas that need further investigation and will also allow you to ask me the questions you want answers to and explore treatment options.

Sometimes we will need testing, I prefer to use the Dutch Hormone Test as it covers the adrenals as well and looks at detoxification pathways too. I also use stool testing for gut issues and a complete thyroid panel if I feel it is needed. If detoxification appears to be a major problem or there are more complex autoimmune issues then the Organic Acids Test can be very helpful. I am happy to work with your GP if you would like me to. This can be helpful for organising scans on the NHS, or obtaining a full blood profile, if your doctor is amenable.

I prefer to use bio-identical hormones

I prefer to use bio-identical hormones if hormone supplementation is needed as they are the same as your body’s own hormones, unlike the medically prescribed synthetic hormones. This allows for much lower doses to achieve results and minimises the risks of side effects. I work closely with Dr Tamsin Lewis GP and functional medicine practitioner if bespoke, bio-identical prescriptions are needed. We have an in house-phlebotomist.

My specialism is working with premenopausal and menopausal women with a typical age of 35-60.

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